Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slow Moving...But Moving Along

Green Queen Boutique has been an idea of mine for over ten years. I was always crafty, although not an artist, that gift went to my brother - he is AMAZING! But I do have my own unique set of skills and have been complimented over the years for my talent with decorating and refinishing furniture pieces. I have always loved to do both. I remember as a kid constantly rearranging my bedroom to make it feel different or look a certain way. I remember repurposing clothing into other articles of clothing, or to match the current trends. I had an extreme need for matching everything -especially my socks to my shirts in the 80's as a teenager - it drove my mother crazy if I complained the shades were not an exact match. In college, I joined a sorority and did many of the artsy projects for recruitment and sisterhood events. I loved it all, and I still do.

I have heard people say that if you love your work, you will never work a day in your life. I think of this all the time. I have wanted to have my own business since I applied to colleges at age 18, I just could not focus on what kind of business. I wish I knew then to go to school to become an interior designer, but did not know anything about such a degree. When I married my husband he was supportive of me starting a little business out of our home refinishing furniture. I did a few pieces to get going - for family and our home. Then I got pregnant. I made pieces for the nursery and redecorated for the baby. Then room by room in our home, I redecorated. Every time I did something new, more compliments would follow. However, my dream of starting a business became the furthest thing from my mind when our family grew, and my focus was with them all the time. Now here I am almost ten years later and I am ready to focus on my dream once again.

A flea market opened in our town so I decided to put my pieces out there for sale. At the very least, I thought I might get some feedback, good or bad. I was very fortunate to sell some large and small furniture pieces as well as some wall art pieces. I received some wonderful compliments, which was the most important of all. Friends and family always liked what I had done, but from someone you do not know - it really feels very authentic and gives me the confidence to move ahead. My husband and I have been searching auctions, Craigslist, garage sales, and the curbs for "trash" to be give a beautiful second life. I now have two garages full of furniture ready for my special touch and my new vision for what they should become.

The hardest part of all comes now with finding the time between family, sports, work, and special events to have the time to create. It is my passion so I will forge ahead and make the time. My goal is to build up enough inventory to open a shop of my own in the next year. With the support of my family and friends, I know I can make my dream a reality.

I will try to blog about my journey - all the ups and downs, little victories, sad setbacks, and the wonderful people who will become a part of this whole wonderful dream - and that part starts right now. I must say thank you to my husband for his support in every way, encouraging me to start, watching the kids while I sat long hours at the flea market, helping find inventory, clearing me space for a work shop, and all the heavy lifting. It has all been possible because of you. Also, I would like to thank my college friends, Becky, Jen, Abby, and Kathy for a wonderful visit and the encouragement I received from them to follow my dreams. I love you ladies and you will be the first on the guest list for my grand opening in the future!

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