Friday, April 16, 2010

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

In the past five years I have not taken very much personal time for myself. I am the mom who always takes care of her kids and family first. In fact I used to wonder about those moms who would take an afternoon off to get their nails done and meet friends for lunch. I used to wonder how they found the time to break away from a busy household, and who was with their kids. At first I felt these moms were selfish and irresponsible, but then I found myself envious of them to the point where I was getting downright angry that I could not take the time away for myself too. Why couldn't I take the time away for myself? Did you notice I used the word, "couldn't"? One might think something or someone was holding me back and I was physically unable to go. Was my husband refusing, in a man's words, "to babysit" our kids? Did I have a child with difficult health problems which required me to be with that child 24-7? The answer to both of those is no. I was the one who couldn't let myself take the time. I had chosen to be the mom who was her family's everything. It has been exhausting, both mentally and physically. In the past few years I have found myself in a place I did not want to be and I wallowed in it. When I was unhappy, the family was unhappy. When I had a good day, everyone followed suit. I just was so wrapped up in my own self pity and misery (yes, at times I felt miserable) that I attracted more of it my way.

Last night I allowed myself to have a personal night out and attended a class titled, Manifestation and the Law of Attraction. I learned that because I was so miserable and unhappy that I attracted more of that to myself - from my kids, my husband and it even manifested with health problems. Instead, what I learned I should have been doing is being grateful for the good things in my life, which I have in abundance, and changing my thought process to a positive swing. The instructor gave personal experiences of how this has worked in her life, and then more attendees stated how it worked for them in the past too. I thought back in my life when I perceived things to be very good and I indeed also had a positive outlook on everyday life. I came to the realization of the truth in this one concept and decided that I have nothing to lose in trying this. I will take things day by day and live in the moment, to BE. I will intend each day to be a positive one and find the good in overwhelming moments. So today will be a great day filled with love and productivity. Will yours?

For more information of the class I took and others like it check out the link below:


Full Circle Coaching said...

great work....

Kerry said...

Beautiful. Looking forward to seeing where this journey leads you.