Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am a Roadkill Rescuer!

The other day I was checking out all the cool blogs I go to on daily basis and again stumbled on the coolest blog, Roadkill Rescue.

The whole idea is finding junk that other people are throwing away - lost gems found on the curb - and repurpose them or bring new life to a piece you would be proud to own. HELLO! This is what I have been doing forever. Even though I am so new to blogging and haven't found my groove yet, I decided to submit one of my past projects thinking that maybe I had a slight chance of being featured on this blog. Within the hour that I submitted my project, I received the most wonderful email back from the site's author, Beckie, who is so sweet to tell me how much she liked my project. It made my day! She also told me that I would be featured on her blog! is that day! The endtable makeover I did for my daughter is the featured project. So go on over and check it out, and while your are there, take the time to look at all of Beckie's amazing blogs below.

reuse. repurpose. reinvent


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